Hearing Troubles And Diminishing Vocal Articulation Make Me Love Sign Language Increasingly

I am a primitive man whose lizard brain knocks my vocabulary out of the way when I get emotional. Also I have extremely sensitive ears and what they call "central auditory processing disorder" which means I can hear sounds fine but they sound garbled and unintelligible most of the time and also cause physical pain which makes me extremely irritable. As I get older it is all getting a lot worse, I can hear a pin drop in a noisy room, my hearing is very good, too good, it hurts to hear noises. And unless I am in a state of total emotional calmness I can barely string together five words in proper context and order, but with signing it feels natural and I can always express myself comfortably. Perhaps my affinity for it comes from my native American blood, as they would commonly use sign language even as they spoke, but no matter why, it just feels right for me and I want to learn to do it well.

For these reasons and more I have been interested in sign language for decades but with no one to practice with it is hard to learn the language in a useable, understandable and fluent manor. Maybe if I ever get another companion whose eyesight can differentiate between the signs I will practice with them. It would be very pleasant to spend time with someone from the deaf community who is highly fluent and can correct my mistakes but thats an unrealistic wish considering my circumstances.

Anyway I advocate and appreciate sign language highly.
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

see if there is deaf community services in state you be live in.
as if they maybe have deaf fellowships at malls or other places for fun things
you can meet many deaf people and some are hearing with same difficults you have.
they get together and fellowship for fun and eat and what ever and sign ASL.i think you wll be enjoying that time.

I know a little basic sign language. Please read my pm, because I am sending you a quick note on it. :)