Es Muy Díficil...

I don't even know how long I've been trying to learn Spanish. I've made a bit of head way this year though.  I've tried a few programs, some I liked some I didn't. I just love this language and I really want to speak it fluently. 

I like how now I can pretty much read stuff in Spanish and understand it. I also catch stuff that's being said on t.v. and can loosely translate for my friends.  I'm going to keep studying till I get right. I should probably get some Spanish speaking friends too...

If anyone is having problems with listening, and don't have access to people speaking Spanish (irl or on t.v.). There's this show called Destinos: An introduction to Spanish, it teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. It's good for anyone learning spanish, not just beginners. Just google 'Destinos', it's the first link. 

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I'm the same way. But all my latino friends aren't very helpful because they say that I shouldn't be speaking spanish because I'm white -_-

i can totally understand you! i have been studying it too. i am just not confident in it.

Hi I would like to help you with your English, I'm studying English and I'm looking for a partner to practice, my spanish is from Spain and I think that my English level is Intermediate...what do you think?<br />
we can help each other with e-mails, chatting or by skype, I live in Madrid.<br />
Take care!