(stories In English) Gracias A Mi Novia Del Segundo Idioma Hindi, Que Ahora Estamos Aprendiendo Español.

When I was in the 6th grade in elementary school I had a teacher who started teaching us Spanish a bit slowly. I've known numbers a long time. Then not very smart, wishing I had stayed with it. I didn't take it in middle or high school, though it was offered. I know others who took languages though and as far as I know a few to this day still do not speak them fluently. I honestly thought that English would probably become the universal language anyway ;)
Now being older though, I understand that all languages have the right to be preserved and could never imagine begrudging anyone of that. Not to mention too, how some of them just sound so pretty, like Spanish! I want them always here as well!
Well a few years back a close friend of mine from high school was in town and wanted to get together, her husband didn't make it with her, due to work.
They have been happily married over 20 years, we call him buddy as he is just that nice kind of guy and he is from India. She is an adorable fair skinned blonde haired green eyed beauty with a big heart. We stopped by a gas station/quick mart, that as many know, these days all seem to be owned by Middle Eastern people and as we were paying the cashiers, 2 guys in what looked like a shift change they were speaking to one another in Hindi, when all the sudden my girlfriend said something back to them in their language, something that didn't sound very pleasant to hear from her by her tone. Ahh I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces, it was priceless! Their jaws fell, their eyes bugged out in surprise, they were really shocked that she understood them and stared at her in disbelief. She could speak the language and very well I might add. After a couple minutes they did apologize and talked about where her husband’s family was from all in English. She travels there often to see family and is treated like a princess. To which she deserves.
She never did tell me all of what they said other than what she said, that they needed to watch their language in the presence of ladies.
So I started thinking about learning another language at that time, took me awhile longer to convince my husband into it. My reasoning behind it was we could have a conversation in public and unless there were few others around who knew the language too, no one else would understand what we are saying to each other and he very much liked the idea. Tonight we had our first Spanish language lesson and I am so happy about it!
Yo no estaba pensada para un pequeño rincón del mundo en esta vida todo el mundo es mi tierra natal.
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Dec 6, 2012