For Love, I Am Rediscovering A Beautiful Language

I learned Spanish at school, and I loved it. My teachers were passionate about it and they made us discover the Spanish language in all it's diversity and it's history.
I remember the colours of Pablo Neruda's poems, the music of the Cuban song Duerme duerme negrito, the simplicity and elegance of Murillo's paintings, the input of Arabic and South american languages...
But for many years, I forgot it to learned Italian (which i deeply love too).
Very recently, I have met an amazing lady who's mother tongue is Spanish, she has shared with me many of her early life stories, and this has reawaken my love for spanish.
I have started to look for poems and realised that very quickly my vocabulary is coming back.
I am now allowing myself a daily 15 minutes to read something in spanish, praticing my grammar, my vocabulary...
I do this partly out of love for her, but also because I enjoy it. It brings me great pleasure to learn again this language and I long to put it in practice with her.
Thank you Andrea for this wonderful gift.
MrSquishy MrSquishy
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Knowing another language is wonderful....good for you! Now....can you make Paella? That would really impress! lol

I make beans with chorizo...
And I also speak Italian.

Oh....that sounds yummy....
I love's such a passionate language ;)

Are you like Jamie Lee Curtis in a Fish called Wanda? knees do quiver a love that movie!!!

Maybe you should sit down or lay down if you are weak in the knees!

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