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I have had these "Instant immersion" Spanish Cd's for a few years now and just in the past month i decided to start to use them. I took spanish in H.S. but my  spanish teacher was also the school's  baseball coach and all he talked about was the baseball team and how much money he wasn't getting paid.

When i was living in San Diego i would go to Tiajuana every other weekend. And all i learned were curse words, how to flirt a little and how to buy cerveza's and tequila shots. I think its about time to step my game up.

Not sure how long it's gonna take but i do a hour or so everyday. I think i'm getting it but the male and female ways of saying some things are confusing.

I might get that Rosetta Stone but it's freaking expensive. At least $200 bucks. We'll see.

Unas Pillas means batteries.

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Hello everyone,
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Lots of luck
Jess :))

(Pilas) Sabes? Desde los 6 años que hablo ingles, y recien hace unos dias cai en la cuenta de que no usan las palabras en forma femenina o masculina como lo hacemos nosotros. Es extraño como cuando uno aprende un idioma de pequeño no tiene en cuenta ciertas cosas.