What Was You Doing?

When I was younger I would take pride in saying my birthdate I felt it had signficance and was like one of the best days of they year,havent well all I hope so.That never give up spirit I remeber when I was young in gym class and we would run back and forth. Pickin up board earser and try and beat the buzzer sound that would make a sound a few seconds ealrier.Now me and this other kid named "Tamel Price" had a history of fist fighting with each other but well composed aftherwars about it.Now we were the last wo running agiant each in gym class running way past the normal kids we ran all the way up until class ended.Though I was tired as heck I didnt give up cause I couldnt let him when,I was swiriving out of my lane legs tired but didnt quit....IT FELT GOOD.

I'm not proud of this but I'm must be true to myself though I wish not to rember this fact.I rememberI used to always wonder why kids looked so upset and looked unhappy.And it semmed those kids had more luck than I did.So I tried looking how they would look and tried acting like them.Then one morning I was getting off of the bus and this girl just asked me a question and I punched her in the gut,She was crying but I kept walking away like it was nothing.Go in the lunchroom (it was morning) so waiting to get breakfast and my 2 buddies came in line with me.Come to find out the girl I had punched,was my buddy at that time's lil sister.When he old me that I felt bad one that I had hit her like an feeling of damn I deserve an *** whopping if he wanted to give it.But another part of me was saying you did that you feel bad but fight him if you have to to.Well I lsiten to the more moral side of myself and took the hit's to my gut he dished.No biggie to me,then he smacked me in the face.I felt bad he did that to me.Now I feel like I should have fought him but I was in the wrong for hitting his sister I believe.If I had not did that to his sister would have not happend.As much as a bad disheartignin punk-*** story.I would have done the same thing if I was him.Just the fact it happend to me is was bad.

In highchool it was rough.I made my JROTC Radier team while been not in the best shape.But I told myself Iwas goignt o make the team while being in that shape anyways,and I did! Afther about 2 practices I had decided that I wanted to keep on smoking weed,rather then be on that team.Long story short I got kicked off and conutined smoking weed and picked up cigarette's and drinking all threw out highschool.Ihave tried others but they have not stuck with me like these three.I no longer smoked anything or drink anything I'm 19 I
ve stopped this earlier in this year.Big accomplishment butstill so far behind.

I like comments so dont holdback.

okaycafe okaycafe
18-21, M
Sep 12, 2012