The Process

The definitive advice that I received on the Psych ward when I was 13 years old was "Be yourself. We like you.  It is your attempt to be whatever it is you think you should be, that is disturbing us."
It was good advice.  I took it.  It facilitated a real shift within me.  I stuck to following that advice for most of my adolescence and then, around the age of 20, I seemed to forget it and spent the better part of the next 40 years trying to be what I thought was 'normal and good' even though I really could not verify any of my ideas of goodness with my perception or experience.
Now, I am post-menopausal.  There is a freedom in that.  It is 2012.  There is an energy in the world that wasn't there when I was young.
Now, it is my time to be authentically myself, to share what I have to give because I 'know' rather than 'believe' it is valuable.
Life is indeed a Process.
claysu claysu
56-60, F
1 Response Sep 26, 2012

Congratulations. It took me 'til my early fifties to figure out that trying to 'fit the mold', living to the expectation of others and being what others defined as normal, was what kept me from being at peace with myself.
Thank you for your insight.