I'm learning to boulder.   Bouldering is different than what I ever imagined climbing would be.  I though climbing was all about tall cliffs that someone would scale using a combination of harnesses, ropes, and holds.  Sort of like what you see in the Cliffhanger movie.  The reality is, bouldering is much different and much more difficult than top rope (tall cliff) climbing.  Bouldering is where you learn to climb up rocks, for me indoor fake rocks, that have a variety of holds and aren't any taller than 20 or 25ft.  Instead of going for height, bouldering is about learning to climb effectively and is immensely more difficult because of the high level of technicality it takes to do a climb. 

I'm terrified of heights.  I've gotten to the point in bouldering that occasionally when I reach the top of a climb I just completely get terrified and end up falling off the wall.  But I'm learning and I'm enjoying it and it's something that I would never have chosen to do on my own.  I actually got into it because a very special friend out here enjoys doing it and he'd bug me once or twice a week to go and watch him climb.  I was always terrified that he'd get hurt doing this, the last thing I wanted to do was watch him climb and get hurt.  As it was, after months of him bugging me, I finally gave in one day and went to the bouldering gym with him and his friends.  Much to the surprise of the guys, and even myself, I didn't just watch, I got the shoes and actually did some climbing myself.  It was surprisingly fun and interesting. 

I've gone back a few times since then, and I'd like to go back some more... when other factors permit.  I'd recommend trying it.  It's good to do something new now and then and this is kind of just wild enough to pose a challenge without really being dangerous.
PersistenceEos PersistenceEos
31-35, F
May 11, 2007