If you met me, you would think immediately that I was the most serious person you ever met. I smile, play nice and all that good stuff. But no one knows that I very much have a closet sense of humor. But one crazy thing about me that I'll share, is that I laugh when times get tough. Okay, someone is probably thinking, oh that's a good thing to have. Yesterday, we had a terrible situation at work, and we were giving my GM the report, and I could not stop bubbling up with laughter about it, my coworker ended up having to give the report of how the situation was going. Ugghhh and don't let it be a funeral, not that the thought of dying or death makes me laugh (I have no desire to do it, and it really is a scary thought if I think about it long enough). But it probably is one of my ways of coping, of finding a rainbow in every situation and not letting anything get me down.

s3grace s3grace
Jul 31, 2010