Drama No Drama

I'm leaning pretty quickly that things,situations, and people in one's life isn't always permanent.  And the mistakes that ones that I love can not always be saved from themselves if they don't listen to what others tell them.  Or better yet listen to the lords trying to tell them.  I understand where they are coming from myself.  I have made the same mistakes an know the pain.  I guess when it someones child you want only good things for them. Than again when they are at adulthood of 22 where does that fine line begin of learning to let go.  learning to let go for myself covers over into more than concerns for others.  Learning to let go off my past, which definitely waa difficult area of my life.  In areas I have given up the ghost and other areas seem to haunt me periodially.  The future and predicting one is so far fetched for me to try to control.  But believe you me i have tryed an only set in panic.I  am slowly learning to have faith in god, to believe in myself, and let go as difficult as it may seem.  I don't know if i'll ever cmpletely let go off certain things.  I guess cause I care.

ann9265 ann9265
41-45, F
Feb 27, 2010