Finding My Inner Child

Many years ago in the early 1990's I read a book titled "Healing Your Aloneness". It deals with and helps identify the different inner personalities we all have. It gave me such an insight to the facts that I had shut my inner child off trying to be so "Grown Up" and taking care of the family after my father died when I was barley out of high school. I was always proud that as I grew up the adults all thought I was so mature for my age, then After my Dad pasted I felt I had to take over and keep the family together and keep doing it the way he had. There were a lot of other things going on and This book truly helped me find how to put peace back in my self and bring out my inner child that had been pushed down so far and abandoned. Please if your looking for answers find a copy of this book. I am reading it again for the third time because I can feel Im missing the mark again and I need to correct some things.

I would enjoy chatting with anyone who cares to share experiences, just drop me a note.
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That is interesting. I was proud too when I seemed to be so mature. I was in fact,or at least I really seemed so because I was actually different from people of my own age. My best friends were 30 years older or even 50.

Well, they had that age, but they were actually much much younger within. My 70 years old friend was actually like a little boy, always smiling and making you smile.

However, the fact remains. I, just as you, and I guess so many others, we have all grown up believing it was fine, stopping being a child, without really knowing what that really means.

During that time, when I seemed to be so mature I actually became childish. I fell in love with a woman who was the symbol of the best mother one can ever have. She was fantastic. She was my best friend for a while and she toke care of me. She was like feeding me, making me gifts and treating me, doing all thing as if I were her own son. Then, slowly she retired, stopped being my mother, I was abandoned and I have not recovered yet.

Sometimes it is hard for us to see how far we have pushed our inner child away because our life had become so busy. We become focused on our immediate problems and not have some time for ourselves. That sounds like a good book that you have read. I will make sure to check it out sometime. I learned about the inner child while reading a book about intuition and finding our deeper selves. The inner child is one aspect of our selves but it is the main one that we protect and after some time it is hard to even recognize it given how far away or how deep wish have pushed away our inner selves. I hope and send blessings to you in finding peace in your life and the understanding that you need in order to heal and embrace your inner child.<br />
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