I Am Learning To Play The Celtic Harp

I've always loved to sing - my mother was an opera singer and taught me to sing before I even went to school.  I always knew that when I got to a certain age I would probably lose my voice, and I promised myself that when that happened i would take up the most beautiful instrument in the universe - the harp, and that would be my voice.  That time has come.  I am in my sixties and my voice not as good as it was.  So last year I signed up for lessons through our local symphony's School of Music.  I started out with a little harp, but it quickly became obvious that I was hooked for life, so for my birthday my husband gave me a truly beautiful Celtic harp.

I just can't express how much I love to play the harp.  I never need encouragement to practise - just try to keep me away!  The sounds my harp produces are spellbinding - enchanting.  I am by no means proficient yet, and the harp is a difficult instrument to learn, but this is something that will keep me learning and give me pleasure for the rest of my life.  I play for the joy and delight of it, and I am already writing music for it.

If there is something you've always wanted to try, it's never too late! 
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Thanks, Marji. I played the harp music you posted and it's, well, SUBLIME. That girl is GOOD! Arty,, I used to be able to sing High C! Now I strangle on it! The cat is Maggibag. She was born on my bed on my birthday, and was my best girlfriend for 15 years. I still miss her.

Thanks, Artyd. I love the flute, too. I am hardly proficient at the harp yet, but seem to be past the plinkky-plinky-boing-plinky-twang stage!