Enneagram: My Map For Self-discovery

The Enneagram is a psychological and spiritual tool that has raised my emotional intelligence, improved my relationships, and most importantly, helped me understand my habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. I can now see how limited i've been by my personality. The more I see my personality, the more I realize I have choices and can be more of who I really am...not just my habitual identity. I'm a Type Two. I am learning that taking care of me is my greatest need...not taking care of others. The more I release that idea, the easier my life is to live.

Any other enneagrammers out there??
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I am married to a wonderful Seven. I was attracted to his enthusiasm, positive outlook, and life of adventure. What I want more from him is sustained attention, groundedness, and attention to me instead of his next bright new idea. :) <br />
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The enneagram has helped us to sustain a growing loving marriage for many years!

Wow, this was very helpful. I googled enneagram, and found out that i am a 7. I want the whole workbook, tho!! Thank yall, very helpful.

How do i get an enneagram? I am very interested in this!

I am also a 4. I have found the enneagram to be very helpful as I learn to accept myself for who I am yet also strive to be my best self. When I am not being healthy I exhibit the characteristics of a 2 and have a lot of trouble taking care of myself but rather throw myself into caring for others. I appreciate that it is complex enough to include variation, yet has been eerily accurate for me and many folks I know.

I'm a hardcore enneagramer and I'm a type 4. The enneagram has been really helpful for me and it's great to meet another enneagrammer.