'Are You Free?' Jokes From a Chinese Urdu Language Learner

Hi I am learning Urdu as a foreign language. I must say it is much harder than English!

Hope those of you who are learning Urdu or know Urdu knows what I am talking about. :)

Urdu sekhtey huey hum kbhi kbhi lafason ko ghelad istmal ker jatey hain jo bad mein mzaq bun jata hai. *(When we learn Urdu, sometimes we misunderstood the words which later became jokes.)

Jesey ke ek dfah ek student ney  ek lfas sekha 'muft' jis ka madlab hai is chez ki qemat nahin hai. Us ney ye lafas yad ker lya 'muft ka madlab hai free, muft ka madlab hai free....' *(So one day a student learned a word 'muft', with the meaning that this thing does not cost. So he remembered the word 'muft means free, muft means free' )

 Ek din, us ko ustani sey koi kam tha wo ustani key pas aya. Aur un ko kha 'Ustani kya aap muft hai?' (One day, this student has something with the teacher. So he come to the teacher and asked, "Teacher, are you free?")

lol the proper word is farh, free with time.

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nice joke cindy ......and your urdu is also good

Thumara sister ki naam kyah hai?<br />
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Thats the only urdu I know, haha :p