Wordpress.org (not Wordpress.com)

www.youtube.com tutorials

This is as far as I got so far, seems rather simplistic in comparison to Joomla, making a tester site/blog might the easiest way to learn this one.

Tutorial 1:
-Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org
-Org has more plug ins and can create themes, requires host.
-Can't upload plug ins, roughly 100 themes that are. not custom, does not
require host.

Tutorial 2:
-Main Page
-check out, site's upload file size, if need a larger size contact host or site
with FTP address where you can upload higher file size.
-Preventing spam (people linking to your site)
-QuickPress: Does not require post tab, can upload media, music, images
-Can customize look and feel of dashboard by clicking and dragging.
-Can collapse or expand windows.

Tutorial 3:
-General settings (Title. tagline, email address,
-Variations on tagline, put in "|" (Shift "") between two tag lines. Helps with
search engine optimization.

Tutorial 4:
-Writing Settings
-Size of post box (default is 10 lines)
-Formatting [converts smiley faces into emotion icons]
-Check box, should correct XHTML automatically
-Press This: Boommark that allows you to grab text and graphics into a
Wordpress post.
~highlight, find boomarked "Press This" log back into Wordpress.org
-(Have to be logged in for it to work)
-Reading Setting
-Static page recommended
-blog posts shown at most
-Syndication shown (default 10) ___ (?)
-Show full text or summary of blog posts. (Summary might be better, not
to be overwhelming.)
-Discussion Settings
-Recommends keeping default settings.
-Reason for comment must have permission before being posted, allows
to keep people
from spamming your site to link to their own.

To be continued...

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