Finding a Way From the Hurt

yes you could say im in love recovery or trying to be at least i am nursing my heart and trying to heal from a broken one...for the most part im doing okay but at certain times i struggle with trying to move forward knowing its essetial i leave this totally one sided and miserable situation behind me, the person i have to leave behind has hurt me on countless ocassion and has tried to abuse me both mentally and emotionally although never physically  but it has hurt just as much, im soooo angry and at times that frustartes me i go through bouts of wanting sweet revenge then i tell myself  dont go there, i hate him for what he has done for how he has hurt me and for seeming as if he could care less, and so i know its time to leave him and his ways behind.

tuntun56 tuntun56
1 Response Mar 6, 2009

I have had a bad relationship but it was not until recently do I feel free and happy about being me and enjoying life as I want to .Do what makes you happy .DO things you always wanted to do but have not .