20/02/08 - Update

Hello again, apologies for the gap in updates. GothAngel is doing OK. Still quiet and a bit distant, but getting slightly better I believe. She is still in intense sessions with her counsellor and they are still forcing her to eat.

She is being bribed into eating and tis weekend she was allowed out of the Clinic to come and spend the day with me. We went out in the afternoon to some old local churches. It was nice to see her with her camera having fun, even if she was frustrated with her wheelchair which she is still forced to use (not eating means she has very little strength or enery).

She is still sleeping a lot, but I also know that she has been writing letters to two people close to her and i hope that this helps her as her counsellors say she still doesn't speak much.

I am staying as ppositive as I can for her sake but its not been easy. Hope all of you that read this are well.


GothAngel GothAngel
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2008

sending prayers to GothAngel,,and to all that are helping her...