The court hearing was this morning.  With no contest, it was over very quickly, so I need to get back to my regular life for the rest of the day.

Yesterday I had a marrow biopsy for my little medical issue; that didn't hurt as much as the preparations made me think it might.

So, physical trauma Tuesday, mental trauma today; overcome.  Not too bad a week so far...
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5 Responses May 19, 2010

It's so weird - even when things are over, they still don't "get it". <br />
Best wishes with getting on with your "regular life".

Thanks all. Here's today's situation: the paperwork arrived yesterday, so I now know that it's official. Monday was an interesting day; the ex emailed to ask why she hadn't seen the documents "since the court date was over a month ago" (less than a week at that time!) and wanting to know what #1 son's plans for the summer were. The level of disconnection demonstrated was a reminder of why I had to end it.

"With no contest, it was over very quickly" - strange, the mixed feeling one can have at times like this....moving on and upward - my best to beginning are good.

Good for you. Keep your chin up.

SR, you are one of life's great stoics! Anything that is thrown at you, you cope with - and come out shining! I hope your biopsy is clear and that there is nothing seriously wrong. Please know you are in my thoughts. {{{Hugs}}}