Woooooh Hoooooh! After Nine Months Of Limbo And Hell (ending a ten year relationship), I Can Officially Join The Group!

I just left my husband.

I am no longer in the ILIASM!

Woooh Hooh! Last night, I had a young guy friend over (completely platonic) and we danced to my prom song from 1989 and I got picked up and thrown around! And, then my other guy friend came over and we all watched a movie. And, you know what? They were HAPPY to be spending time with me. Neither of these guys are romantic interests, but I tell yeah, it is nice to be around nice men who like me!

And, I just ran into an old woman friend I haven't seen in eight years! And, I have plans to go over to a new friends house this coming week. And, my sister is taking me on a ten day vacation this year and Hawaii is in play!!!!

I had a Xmas party and I had 25 friends show up. This from the social misfit who had no friends in elementary school! I can't believe it. He didn't want me so I made up my own life and finally, there was no reason to stay at all!

I am single! And, I am SOOOOOOO not alone. What about that?!

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Happy for you girl :)

Thanks Sedona.<br />
<br />
Right now, i am in the picking up the pieces mode. Nothing exciting or earth shattering.<br />
<br />
It is rebuilding time. To my immense relief, I do not feel compelled to seek out another relationship as I have in my past, and I am actually just feeling my feelings of loss and contemplating my new life choices.<br />
<br />
Tough stuff.


yeah. I encourage you to stay with that for at least 8 weeks or more. Iam single at the moment by choice until perhaps november, christmas at worst. My bf is married and his mother is dying of cancer so we agreed to split for a bit. He may or may not leave his wife for me, that is the next question to be faced.
But enought of my stuff !!

I am finding out who I am, what I am made of and what I want. Staying with the singledom is worth it on this front alone.

Good luck. Hopefulyl you learn what to accept and not accept in the next relationship and it rocks your world because of that !! Thast what we all want.

That was over a year ago, my dear! I am very happily moved on, madly in love and coming up on a year anniversary with a man who loves me madly right back. Life is good!

It's so nice to here the positive that comes out of the negitive living in our past. How refreshing......So happy for you! What else has been happening for you since this last story? S

Wow, I only hope I can get thru my problems the way you have. WTG!

Wow, way to go!

Rose, you rock!! And you are a wonderful inspiration. <br />
<br />
Enjoy life and live it with passion. Watch out Hawaii!!! LOL