Moving Day

I awoke around 6 am. I heard him rustling in the master bedroom...soon to be MY bedroom. I told myself, "keep it together today, kiddo, you're almost through this."

We made it through a peaceful breakfast. He ate quickly so he could attend to the last-minute packing of clothes, toiletries, etc. I made sure to stay out of his way. While it's a stressful day for me, it's an even more stressful day for him. Not only is his life changing, his address is changing as well.

The movers arrived on-time at 8 am. They were professional and pleasant. I had a copy of "the list" with me, to ensure the correct items made it onto the moving truck. Even with the list, a few items did mistakenly move with him. He assures me they'll be returned. Without fanfare or drama, his entire life was loaded and hitting the road by 9:30.

He packed the last of the things he was driving over into his (company's) car. Then, he looked at me and said, "give me a call later," and left.

That's when the shock of everything hit me. I cried for possibly the fourth time in this process. My steely resolve could finally be discarded. I could RELAX. To celebrate my independence, I went about rearranging furniture to my liking. I reorganized the garage and basement. I scoured the bathroom and washed the bedsheets.

By nightfall, I had the house to my liking.

I am truly enjoying the beginning of my new life.

PeachesGalore PeachesGalore
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Good for you.

So happy for you.

Congratulations Peaches! It is hard to do and yet it is SO worthwhile. Be aware you will have times when nostalgia and "what ifs?" take over. Understand them for what they are, and don't regret your decision. It is very normal to feel grief too, even though it was your decision to end the marriage. Allow youirself to grieve - it helps the healing process. And be KIND to yourself!! {{{Hugs}}}

Thank you, enna...When you say "allow yourself to grieve," how does one go about the process of grieving?

I guess it is different for each of us, but what I mean isto "go with the flow" when you feel sad or depressed about the break up. Don't try to distract yourself. Let yourself feel the emotions and know they are normal in this situation. Mostly we try to STOP ourselves feeling bad, but that usually means it will recycle back again and again till we deal with it.

Interesting, in one day?

Are you referring to the move itself?

No, the rearranging. All in one day? Garage too?

Ah. Yeah...I'm pretty energetic :) Once I get started, there's not a lot that can stop me.

Of course he hauled off a lot of stuff and got his stuff out of the way, that had to help speed things up didn't it? Plus the emotion of the over all event can add nervous energy that NEEDS to be spent. Still. WOW got it done as fast as you did. I am impressed.

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Yay JustPeaches! Cheering! <br />
<br />
(You know this isn't the end of it, right? But it's a big step taken. Congrats. )

Yes...but with our reverse-order approach to the process, the court date looks to be a mere formality.