Our divorce is final next Friday. I am so ready to be rid of his emotionally numb, P-A garbage.

Today, for example. He agreed to take Max, our (now my) dog. My truck was loaded up, we were ready to leave.

He called, as I slipped the key into the ignition. "Can you get here as close to 11 as possible? I'm trying to get stuff done before Max arrives."

So, Max and I headed back into the house. He's a basket case, because he was already told he was going "bye bye." He LOVES car rides.

What on this great green Earth does this man have to get done before he adds Max to his day? And if the dog is such an incredible impostion, why does he even want him there?

Questions I promise myself I will not dwell upon...
PeachesGalore PeachesGalore
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4 Responses Sep 2, 2012

Poor Max. I bet he was crushed. And I hope you ex had it spic and span and then Max came in and tore everything up to pieces. Hahaha.

Actually, his new house smells moldy. Which then makes Max smell moldy...

There has to be symbolism in that somewhere...

Hahaha. :) old and moldy.

Yea, WTF?<br />
Mates (whether ex or not) are so weird.<br />
I think stuff this is why pet rocks used to be popular, they don't pull stupid crap.<br />
Vegetables make good substitutes for spouses too, as do cuddly bunnies.<br />
You have us, of course also, your EP pals .... hug hug hug

Peaches, yet another confirmation (as if you needed one!) that your Ex is wrong headed! Who needs to get things done before looking after a dog????? A six month old baby - yes, that would make sense. But a dog???<br />
<br />
Well my friend, rejoice in the knowledge that you are now FREE from all this nonsense - at least, most of the time! {{{hugs}}}

Wrong headed, nonsense...both appropriate adjectives :)
Thanks again for all your help through this process.

Good idea. Look forward, not back.