The Ice Is Melting

I last posted on this forum on January 5th, 2009 with a message that I had, at last, finished the journey that brought me here. 

On this eve of Valentine's Day, a day which too often I allowed myself to be filled with sadness and remorse - I thought of you Grendelan, the founder of this forum. I began to wonder about how everyone who supported me throughout my struggles in a sexless marriage is doing. I thought too about those of you who have joined this group since last January.

I wanted you to know, that at last, the ice in my heart has melted.

It has been a long journey.

At nearly 14 months post-divorce, I still have days in which the sharp shock of pain from my once frostbitten heart - now warm again - takes my breath away.

I know one thing with absolute certainty.

I  know the extent of the damage caused by my years in a sexless marriage. Ice crept into my heart but one by one, I reclaimed joy - hope - love and most importantly, my life.

I wish the same for you, for peace, for strength and for love.


warmheart warmheart
46-50, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Beautifully expressed Warmheart. Thank you for an inspiring story. Blessings,D.