A Matter Of Time

Yes, I will be leaving and rather than go into long detail via messaging I figured it was easier to explain why and what's going to happen in a story, so my friends understand why I'm going.
I have been a member of this site for three years and I used to really love it here. EP has got me through some rough times in life and for that I will always be grateful. I have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with some truly wonderful people. When I was down and needed to talk my friends were always there and for the most part they still are to this day.
However there are a few things that have changed about this site and they are not changes for the better. The weekly changes from EP admin are frustrating, not to mention I still cannot access meebo from my device due to EP not having more up to date software.
The more concerning area however is the change in the way many members behave. Three years ago people were more respectful. If you stated clearly on your profile that you were not here for sex the majority of the time you were left alone. Now those profile additions and statuses mean nothing. Nobody cares or respects who you are, they just want to be in your circle so they can download your pics for their 'alone' time later.
There are so many groups dedicated to cheating and wife sharing it shocks me. I try not to judge but to be honest, moral standing on here has sunk to an all time low. This site is becoming more adult matchmaker every single day. There are groups dedicated to ****** and **********. I've stopped reading a lot of stories as they anger me. Young girls openly lying about their ages so men over 50 can approach them for sex. It disgusts me and others but nobody really does anything about it and for each flagged story another pops up in its place.
This site is no longer safe for minors or people who are vulnerable. Honest questions are answered with sarcasm and cruelty. Nothing is sacred, even I've been harassed well beyond my tolerance level by pervs and trolls. I know it can't be perfect but its very tiresome.
So besides all that there is another major reason why I'm leaving. I've met someone extremely special right here on EP. To all you doubters, yes we have met, yes its a very real relationship, and it is getting serious.
He has deleted his account and in time I feel that I will do the same. Why? Because as partners we should be communicating with each other face to face. Our fears, hopes and dreams should be shared with each other, not the EP general public. This site is full of people who cannot communicate with their partners and we are lucky enough to have great communication and honesty so by staying on EP we felt we may be tempting fate.
Its time to get away from the PC, get my head back in the real world and follow my heart. I'm going to miss this place and my friends but if you want to keep in touch please private message me and I will happily exchange emails.
I will also be deleting any friends from my circle who do not communicate with me at any point, so I'm sorry if I offend anyone but if you've never said a word to me then you won't notice my absence.
Happy EPing everyone x

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5 Responses Sep 6, 2012

I'm sorry to read this, I've just started reading your materal and it has value.
Block the fools,
delete the dumb comments (except mine)
and stick around.
There things run in waves. Yes we are looking at low tide now, but a full moon is coming.

Your story has touched me. My Mom has had 3 attempts, the most recent being this past Monday. She drank 8 oz of antifreeze and Dr's say that she should not be alive, but she survived. She has been battling depression for about 5 yrs now. Had some highs and lows but obv very low at this point. I think the 2 attempts before this was a cry for help. This time, she meant to die. She is on a ventilator and will most likely need dialysis for the rest of her life. She can't talk and is pretty much out of it at this point. I guess I just need your advice. What can I say to her? Me being her power of attourney, HONESTLY I just wanted to let her go! Is that wrong of me? I see how she suffers and I can't stand to see her suffer the way she does. She has a Granddaughter who is 1 1/2 and another on the way. Was in a very abusive marriage (divorced now) she had my sister and I and we were all best friends- very close. Now we both have went our separate ways and she is alone. I get why she's depressed but do you think that there is hope after all of this? Please I just need advice from someone who has lived it. I swear weve talked to every dr, shes taken every med, every form of counceling and even ECT! Ect did work for a little while but then stopped working. I feel like theres nothing else out there. Any advice would help. I know shes in there its just how do you get her to see that life is worth living and its not her turn to go yet! Thank you for listening :)

Sad to hear you are leaving, but on the up side a new chapter in your life is beginning. I hope everything works out for the both of you and you get out of life what you are looking for. Happiness and longevity in your relationship. I know i will miss you as I have enjoyed our chats albeit sometimes brief. I think you are a truly wonderful person and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

That is wonderful news. God bless you and your special someone. Hope you spend the rest of your days smiling.

Meebo is being shut down, not just on here, but as a company is closing.