Which Is The Best Way?

As the time draws nearer when I shall be taking my leave of EP, I would welcome views as to the best way to do this. There are three approaches: (1) Sign off, one day and never come back (as a number of my "friends" have done). (2) Put the account on vacation status and then follow option (1) (3) Delete the account. I understand that, with (3), it is possible to leave stories behind, although these become anonymous and are deemed to have been written by "deleted". I know there are people out there who have left and then returned, maybe after a long time, who will have views as to how the break should be made, and others who often have helpful ideas! Any comments would be very welcome!

[Postscript (1) on August 4th 2010. I was all set to leave EP when I received a plea for me to stay in such very moving terms that I feel I have no real alternative, at least until the person concerned feels otherwise. Although some of those I consider close EP friends have remained silent throughout, I have been very touched by the kindness and consideration of others. Postscript (2) on April 20th 2014. I have deleted about 1/2 my stories and visit the site very rarely. I no longer correspond with or add people. I discovered that there were very few genuine members & had a really bad experience with a grasping fake, who took me to the cleaners in more ways than one]
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I think the private support going on is just as corrupt as the public support... I have seen this in many circles of people too.

Yes, you have a valid point. But I know that there have been people attacked in public and hurt who have been helped get through the pain, in private, by genuine friends. Why they should be attacked in the first place on what is supposed to be a support site is another question. There are disturbed people on the loose, here, some of whom seem to enjoy causing pain to others.

Some of the people on EP are very fuc_k_ed up just seeing another member on full attack on someone in another group really made me think of leaving again...the drama just gets too much as the people seem to grow heartless by the minute!

I have not seen this very often, but it can be disturbing when it does. Most people on here don't get involved in such attacks. There is a lot of support that goes on in private, too, which can mean that the balance can be skewed, with onlookers thinking that heartlessness is more prevalent than is actually the case.

You are sweet, Angel! As you know, you are one of the reasons that I have never quite managed to leave, although I have come very close to it, over the last few months.

But, one festering boil has been lanced, at long last, and I do forsee myself being around, at least for the moment, although I can't see those happy, innocent early days ever coming back :-(

Sounds like a good idea, Duchess :-))

I suggest you just hang onto my boomerang...and return with me your own risk LOL Are you back yet?;0)

Thank you, snowy: although the additional note at the end (which EP won't let me have as a separate paragraph, for some reason!) explains what I will do and why.

I think a good option may be to just take a break zall1rog. Put the account on vacation until you are ready to return. The stories you have written with still remain. You have the choice of coming back and saving the stories and leaving for good OR returning and letting your friends know how you have been doing and perhaps have some more of life's journeys to share.

Sometimes we all just need a little break

Thank you, GR8. That seems the best way. Woooo! A party. I am always up for a good one! Well, yes, Pix, I was - but see my note to the story.

I hope we're not talking about you leaving...that is what I meant :-)

leaving party ?

Many thanks, WIB! :-)

Not sure what your last sentence means, Pix, but thank you for that kind comment. Option 3 is the nuclear one, of course.

That sounds very sensible, MTVLM.

That is very sweet of you, FG. It looks like I did not think through the possible options very well.

PTMN - I have had some unpleasant shocks on here, recently, so it makes a pleasant change to read your comment. I would not have thought of myself like that in a thousand years. Yes, a lot of work has gone into some of those stories.

FG - Thank you. It is nice to think that, despite the many worthier people you know on here, you would miss me a bit

WHYM- You are always kind.

Have to echo what PT man has said in the fact that if your mind is made up there is nothing that anyone can say. The fact that you will be gone and moved on to another part of life is your choice and yours alone.

As to what to do with your account. Think the suggestion to leave a farewell note and then leave the account up is probably the best, then people will know and understand why you left and allow closure for both you and them.

I don't agree with any of the options but if someon has to feel like they need to leave I'd say option two.... never do option 3....

I hope we're not talking about you.... are we?

I definitely choose option 4

I am choosing option four also, nobody can talk you into doing something that you have set your mind to do. we can only suggest toy you that you stay here. if you do decide to leave leave your account in tact do not delete what you have worked so hard at creating.

you are an icon amongs us and it will be a sad day if you do leave us.

I'll miss you too :(

LOL, lala, I haven't quite gone yet, but that is very kind.

It's so good of you to take time to comment, IT, at such a bleak time as this. Thank you so much.

What a really nice comment, Aly. I'll think about things for a little longer and I shall not vanish without a word, as some people do.

Just let people know what you're doing. Miss you x

i will miss you.

That sounds the easiest way, luf. Most people I know "leave" EP that way. One day, they decide not to log on any more and that is the last you ever hear of them.

LOL Kris! How do you adopt a profile? Doesn't the system stop EP having two accounts, with the same name, at the same time? I've heard of people leaving and deleting their accounts and then having them restarted by someone else. Maybe that is another reason for following luf's approach.

I had a clear signal, from a Circle member whom I used to be close to, today, that I should just get on and leave.

Write a farewell letter and vacation your account. Come back in a few years and see if anyone adopted your profile.

Who knows maybe I can come back to hundreds of messages detailing every little thing about my life.

I joined a few months ago and haven't really gotten into it, yet. I'll probably just stop coming here, one day - no effort needed.