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A Weight Lifted Off My Shoulders

I have decided. I am leaving EP. Not for a holiday, not for I break. I am leaving for good.
The EP I joined a little over a year ago, quite simply, saved my life. I found friends, I found family, I found support and comfort.
And now, simpy put, EP is f*****. It is a hideous, disgusting place, not worth any more of the time I used to spend here. The s*** I now see, which I am unsure if was hereĀ  when I first joined, is SERIOUSLY starting to get to me. Groups about rape, s***, and too many other disgusting stories are a constant thing.
But it is more then that. Its the people here too. And I do not direct this at anyone in particular (and definatly not my cirlce), but you need to grow the f*** up already. We ain't in high school no more, the majority of us are adults. Who do you think you are to act this way? Being on the internet doesn't give you the right to treat people how you do.
I am done dealing with the c*** here. So they (along with plenty of other reasons I am afraid to say) areĀ the reasons I am leaving EP. And to be honest, I am glad I am. I am past needing EP, dealing with EP.
And no, I am not leaving straight away. I have things to sort out here before I go. But this is it for me and EP.
And as the great Kurt Cobain said, "it is better to burn out then fade away", and that is what I am doing....
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp 22-25, M 49 Responses Jan 5, 2011

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my dear friend. i realize this is an old post, story, whatever. you still have supporters = i am one. keep on keeping on. you have a story to tell and many more that i would love to hear/read.

my time is limited too.

Never forget, Nephew, La Famiglia!!! We love you sooooo much and want only the best for you and if leaving EP is best; then so be it. I understand, this place makes me want to scream most of the time. You're in our hearts and minds daily and never forget you have family who adores you :) Lol, we certainly won't forget our favorite Aussie! Love and kisses from your Auntie Gia ;)

you will be surely missed by all a thanx to you for the amazing stories. cheers dude <br />
a goodbye from the humble fool

Like your Mum said, we all agree with your reasons and understand it's time to go. You are family and always will be so don't be a stranger. I'll send you my e-mail address so if J isn't feeling well enough to log into hers and you want to get hold of us you can always write me. I just wish I could convince your Mum to leave, I don't think this place is good for her anymore, either. Good luck and best wishes to our Irish/Aussie son :)

No changing mind. Oh well. I guess. If you want to contact your friends. Maybe you can join Facebook?

I'm tending to agree with amysangel's!!, my young friend! "Can't you try to ignore and stay because of the positive things"!!!!?? <br />
I will miss you!! so much, as we used to interact with our "blogthings", who else is going to laugh at my answers now!!!!??? I wish you were not leaving!!! you've been a member as long as i, i am so sorry RH!!! I am going to miss you!!! :-(

@ Miss AngelWings, my Sis, here I am :) Reece and you are family and I would never let one of you go without saying how much I care!<br />
<br />
Reece, if not for you, I am not sure where I would be right now.... that is the good side of EP. I understqand how you feel and have been feeling the same way of late. You're Old Man has asked me to not log in as often because it depresses and upsets me to see what goes on. It isn't the same place I joined. I feel good about you leaving because I've watched you grow and heal and fall in love with a wonderful young woman and I know you will be fine. You and Trooper and I are family and always will be and I haven't lost anything when you leave, I've gained a fantastic son and good friend that I love dearly. Now, I'm looking at a photo of you now and smiling.... don't forget to email me often and let me know how you and Miss Beth are doing. I will miss your smiling face on ep and your hugs, but we will always be in touch. Lol, one of these days I will have to call you and hear that Awesome Aussie accent :) Mwah, we love you Reece!

DT- Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thankyou Darling **hugs**<br />
<br />
Floydess- You would be surprised Kiddo, we are spreading HEHEHEHEHE<br />
<br />
SparklingDiamonds- Thankyou

I felt the same way thb...some of the stuff I read and some no marks PMing me asking for things got on my nerves..and I too wanted to delete, but the other side of the coin is when decent, genuine people keep leaving then all thats going to be left is the trash, is this what we want? really we all have to make a stand about the unsuitable & unacceptable material that gets written on here, which admittedly is difficult I have also complained about things & people but as Reece rightly said it gets ignored....don't know you reece, but wish you luck but hope you reconsider...x

*frowns* but, not Aussies.... Though I do understand what you mean: if it is better for you, I'll have to give up stalking you to let you burn than fade. But will miss you nonetheless.

If you say so....

GothicChaos- Awwwwwwww<br />
<br />
Nomac- Sure, whatever....<br />
<br />
GothicChaos- No, I ain't coming back, of that I am sure of

Excuse me?

Will do Kiddo

THankyou Hun, much appreciated

THanks AW

thank you for letting me know ... I read all of the comments, and am surprised your mum ( my dear sister J ) hasn't chimed in yet. I'll be happy for you, and it'll be a sad day for EP when you do go. May you be Blessed and find all that life has to offer you, hun. hugsssssssssssssssss, xxoo T~

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Auntie, OF COURSE we will, we are FAMILY =D Oh and I have skype now HEHEHEHE

So sorry that it has come to this sweet pea! You are definitely one of my absolute favorite friends on this place! I so totally understand though. Your reasons are more than valid and I am probably leaving pretty soon myself. i haven't been on here much for the same reasons. i love my friends but can't stand the disgusting vibe that this place emits most of the time now. I sure love you and will miss you, but I really want to stay in touch with you and your wonderful girl! I still have your e-mail and I'm not afraid to use it, hee, hee! Much Peace and Love to you always, Auntie T!

Miss you too Kiddo **hugs**

Oh, errrrr thats nice

Pffffffffft don't worry about me Silly =p

Okay sweetie. I will try to be on more in the evenings.

**massive cuddles** I am going to miss you alot Red, although I am not leaving for a little bit yet OK

Reece.. I will sorely miss you! I know I haven't been on much but you and others here have helped me so much over the last three years. I hope one day to cross your path again. Good luck my dear friend.** hugs**

Thankyou KF, I aprreciate that **hugs**

your reasons are completely valid for leaving EP. i've been here for over 3yrs myself and have seen the site change SO much over the years....some good changes, but mostly, it's just different now. certainly not the same EP that i found a few years ago. overall, i think EP is still a decent site....we come here, we grow, we learn, we receive support, we get picked up when we're down, we help others find themselves....and then, when we're ready, we move on.<br />
<br />
i wish you the best of luck with everything you do in life ReeceH *hugs* :)

Thankyou heaps kitti **giant reece hugs**

*sighs* I am sorry to see you go ..... I am seeing more and more really down to earth , drama free people leave ... people like you made ep something of a refuge to come to .. and I fear what will be left of ep as more peeps like you go .. *hugs* I understand why you feel the need , been feeling a bit like that myself lately .. I wish you well *big huge Kitti hugs*=-D