Look. i am experiencing a lot of karmic debt for the affair i had with a married woman. There is a lot of *********** on EP- in written words. People describe sex with their parents, their siblings, their children, their grandchildren, their aunts/uncles/cousins, nieces and nephews. Their animals. And voluntary.

As much as EP turns me on, it's bad for me. One way i've been thinking about dealing with this affair (we're not having sex anymore) is to write a long story about it on my computer, cut and paste the files onto a CD, and destroy it. So it starts the process of becoming faded memories.

EP has been a great place to confess, but i've got bad habits. i'm like a gambler who thinks he's just dropping by the casino now and again. Or an alcoholic who insists he's okay because he waits till 5 o'clock.

So... i'm thinking about it.
astounded1088 astounded1088
31-35, M
May 6, 2012