The Funny Idiots Make Me Stay

Each time I see someone unfairly attack someone and my heart sinks; making the rash choice to leave EP something else happens...

the good outweighs the bad and I decide to ignore the bad...

the trolls can keep on lashing at me and others but despite their hatred and negativity I never seem to miss the positive aspect of people...

while some mindless trolls would be trapped in bubbles of self-pitying ruts and taking it out on others...

..there are other people who search for answers on here...

to me those people who are searching for themselves; searching answers to improve themselves and writing stories about themselves focusing on their own spiritual development and where they are at in life really inspires me to stay.

I like the people who write about themselves and about life; their experiences as to guide others while trying understand what they are experiencing themselves.

but these malignant trolls coming around on EP writing about other people just to attack them for the heck of it; having no other reason than to make some people look bad instead of thinking about why a person is acting the way they are showing some compassion; just harassing and judging the seven seas out of some people...

well that is what really turns me off about this site.


I always at least try to see someone as myself before judging... I know it is hard but if you practice compassion you would at least not make an arse out of yourself unfairly accusing people of things; pointing fingers at people to flaws you yourself are guilty of.

SO WHEN I SEE A TROLL GOING ABOUT WRITING TRASH ABOUT SOMEONE I SEE THEY WRITE ABOUT THEMSELVES... they write about what they see not yet realizing it applies to themselves.

For instance do not call someone a TROLL when you yourself are sometimes guilty of being a TROLL or displaying troll like behaviour - - like the recent troll like behaviour I witnessed on here -- a woman calling someone a HUGE TROLL while at the same time she is the one unleashing PUBLIC ATTACKS in posts in the way of public retaliation LIKE A TROLL writing shizness about someone all over the site and then she goes write the same story TWICE or more in different groups spamming the entire site "with her ill view" of someone... NOW OKAY if that is NOT abnormally excessive TROLL behaviour then I do not know what a TROLL is any more?


I do not think I should leave this place when there is so much comedy going on -- the BEST THING you will ever see on EP is:

((((((people accusing people of things they themselves are guilty of; so who is in the right here when both are wrong... when you have two trolls who can be the bigger troll when they are practically on the same level???)))

hee hee hee
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
May 15, 2012