Time Has Come

I can't stay here any longer knowing that you are here...knowing my pain....and choose to ignore me. It kills me. I miss you so very much. All I ever wanted was for us to have a chance....a real chance. Nobody will ever replace you in my heart and nobody can ever take your place. I want you back so much but I feel as if you will never allow that to happen.

It could work. I know it. I would do anything in my power to make sure of it. You know I'm a very determined woman. Just wish you would have a little faith in me. I know you feel badly for what has happened...I do to. Only wish we could talk about it so things wouldn't be so uncomfortable. I'm here if you ever change your mind and have a change of heart. You know my number....

What we had was very special. It was something you don't have often in life. I miss that. I miss us. I miss you. I still can't fight back the tears...even now as I'm typing this. Let's you and I get together....anywhere it doesn't matter....even just as friends. I could use a holiday right about now.

So as I wait for my account to be deleted I hope this isn't goodbye forever. I may or may not have much time left on this earth so try not to wait too long if you decided to want to talk. Please let me have the answers I need to find peace within myself so I can finally stop stressing on this matter.

I miss our laughs, our jokes, our good time, our chats late into the night & early in the morning. I miss you, our friendship...our connection.

I love you sunshine. I want you back in my life anyway that I can have you. Please reconsider. I need you now more than ever. You always will be my One and Only......

Love you very much,
hadyourchance hadyourchance
36-40, F
1 Response May 28, 2012

ahhh don't leave I will miss our chats.If you must go I will miss seeing you on here.