Thank You Ep!

This is intended for everyone in my circle, for EP and for those who happen to read it. =)

Four years. That's how long I have been here. It's really surprising that I can stay this long on a website! For all these years EP has been the place I went to whenever I had feelings to convey and things to rant. I've met sincere people who truly cared about other people, some men who claimed I was their soulmates and wanted to connect, spiritually evolving beings and groups that have helped me understand more about myself and the list goes on.

The only regret I have here is I haven't made any friends. I was here at first, being open and honest. As time went by, I realize, this is after all just the Internet where true friends do not exist. So I decided to shut myself away and never revealed my identity to anyone here.

Alas, I do not find any more concrete reasons to be here on EP. At this point of my life, I figure if I really want to express myself in words, I could always start a blog or website, journeying the world and make memories and put them into words. Or I could write a book? Who knows? Or I could become a painter!

EP has given me so much. And because of EP I've learned so much. Words cannot convey my gratitude to the Founder and wonderful people who make EP a site for us who need (needed) it. Now, I do not need it anymore. It is time I move on. 

You know the thing about being anonymous? It really isn't so. What is anonymous is just our physical identities. The names, the faces and other personal details. Your stories reflect who you are in terms of personalities and characters. Going deeper, if you write more about your philosophies and thoughts; the way you reply, the words you choose, the emotions poured out on the stories, will always be felt. The stories are your souls. These are the real things - not your names or pictures. 

My wish is that some day, we can all be brutally honest with each other with identities disclosed there and then, and still be able to accept our differences. Embrace each soul with genuine sincerity and understanding. I am learning to do this and I hope everyone here on EP takes some time to reflect upon this too. Make peace with yourselves. Please, whatever unhappiness or darkness reside in the valley somewhere in your soul, remember there is also light waiting to be found. Light in you, light in every human soul. 

Peace be with you my friends. Take care and be PRESENT. I love you. I truly love you. You are so very beautiful. 

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Oct 27, 2012