I don't know why I came here to begin with but it became less about sharing and reading stories and more about the questions section, of which I found the amount of original thought on there to be amazing. But, that too gets old. As for the stories, I couldn't bring myself to share many because I didn't see the purpose. I have much to share but I don't feel the same sense of relief you would feel admitting such things to people whose opinions actually matter i.e. friends and family. EP has become a wasteland for people who can't express their true feelings to one another in real life. I am one of those people. It's a sad, sad existence where you can't forge meaningful relationships, you can't even trust your friends and family for fear of judgement. How can I console myself from a friend who it's likely I'll never, ever meet in real life? I came here alone and I'll leave here alone. This place is a sham.
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4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I dislike this webiste also,but you didn't try hard enough.To make connections you need to put yourself out there and you were inconsistent in that regard.
You've spoken your piece on the community,now let's see you!

I agree with John.

Dont stop coming here you've actually helped me feel a lot better about things i hope that u stay and share more stories because of ur stories i now feel like a better person who treat her parents with a LOT more respect than when i first came here

Sorry you feel that way. A friend is a friend wether you can touch them or not.