I Am,indeed,departing

Consider this story my "ending speech",not unlike Adam Jensen reviewing his ultimate choice for Mankind,or maybe even (And bear in mind I'm athiest) the Lord God Himself,looking back at his actions and realizing too late that he's opened the mother of all Pandora's Boxes.
At first,I came to EP to have a mental breakdown.To generally express.Then I made breakthroughs.People helped me.Important things happened to me while I was a member on this site.For a while now it's been about self-expression,communication and friendship.Now,though,I feel that those values become corrupted and ruined over time.If you disagree with me when I say "EP is a torture chamber",that's fine by me.In fact,I'm glad you disagree with me.I'm glad you take any words including mine with a pinch of salt.I wish many more were like you,Disagreers and Sceptics.I only wish that people on this site didn't have misguided ambition to be corrupted and misled opinion to be over-emphasised and glorified to the point where,in the mind of the one that holds it,is the only truth.I state my opinions without trying to oppress them onto others,but there's only one opinion of mine I beleive like it's a fact and it's this:The majority of "truths" out there are only opinions and they'll only EVER be opinions.I feel something about this site has a way of blurring that.EP,I've come to sincerely beleive,messes with people's minds.Somehow it makes your opinions and emotions become over-inflated.And wasn't I part of all that at some point?Did I not almost happily give in to the void and dedicate more than I should have to being here?I haven't been on this site as long as many,so that either makes my credibility very high or reduces it to zero,but either way just know,this speech is my opinion.It is not "a" truth,or even "my" truth.It's the utterings of one individual,soon to fade into the cacophony of cat calls,cliches and emotional sound.What you get out of this fine print is up to YOU.You decide your own level of involvement.As I said,I'm leaving EP but the stories will stay because even though I'll probably look back at my time here in regret,mostly,good things DID still happen here.Important breakthroughs WERE made.
The simplest way of summing up why I'm leaving comes with a realization,though.An irony.
Even after realizing this,I still intend to leave.Not out of some misplaced sense of "The damage has already been done" or "the cannon has already been loaded and the ball is already rolling".I'm leaving for one simple reason.I'm scared.Not of this place or it's people,but I'm scared that I just might give in and become a wannabe prophet full of misplaced certainty and ignorant blissfullness.So I'm going to another site called Absolute-Chaos.com.I recommend it to anyone who's sick of EP and is planning to leave.In fact,it was created by two people who've had enough of this site.It's still small and fairly new and the membership consists of many EP members,both current and ex.I'm going there because it's a chilled site and more compassioate than this one but also because,sadly,it has the potential to turn out in a few years the way EP has.It's too many people in one place that does it.AbsoluteChaos still has a chance to be better than that as it grows,though.If those of us who saw the monster that Armen Berjikly unsuspectingly created act well and act now,we can make sure that what happened with EP doesn't happen again.
And I'm done.
For anyone interested in getting in touch outside of EP,my username was LZJoZ.I'm also known as The Catalyst and as The Apathist.It's possible to contact me outside of EP,but you have to go the extra mile.There are contact details on some people's whiteboards (assuming the posts will still be there once I'm gone) and a little info right here.
For those of you that decide to stay,good luck and look after yourselves and remember to tread lightly.

**********           http://www.absolute-chaos.com/       *******************
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5 Responses Dec 30, 2012

Your honesty is appreciated but I bet you could have tried harder.

I appreciate this story. I have not been on EP very long, but have almost reached the point you are at. At first I was over joyed, I thought I had found a website full of caring and compassionate people. I've realized that in most cases...I was very very wrong.

Its a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Checked the site - nothing was up.

I certainly understand your reasons for leaving. My main complaint has been all of the young kids that I feel shouldn't be here asking Adult questions. I'd like it to be restricted to "over 18" only.

I came here a few years ago and it was a good therapy that got me through a tough time I was having. In the past year, I've lost some good Circle members who got fed up and left and it just hasn't seemed the same for me since they've left.

I'll be sure to check out the other site that you've described.

Did you mean AbsoluteChaos.net instead of AbsoluteChaos.com? I went to AbsoluteChaos dot com and it is a marketing site.

LZ...we had only just begun, but it is not for me to argue. You have your reasons and you have had your experiences here. We all came for different reasons, we will all come and go for different ones as well. Play with bubble wrap, laugh a ton...smile....as much as you can.

That would be great. I would like that very much.