Should I Stay Or Go?

Alot has gone on since being here, I remember the day I found this place ironically it was found by accident but then i saw this place, it was amazing & full of energy. But now a days this place is pretty dead, my friends are hardly ever on & no one ever wants to really conversate anymore. I love helping others with problems but when it comes to just talking its a no show. On one side if i stay, maybe others would come but idk how long till then & if they would stick around or at least say goodbye if they are leaving & on the other side If I leave then idk what to do after that because my life afk is very pointless & its lonely so either way it could end up in a lose lose situation. I found my soulmate here but she never shows anymore & idk if she will come again & if i left & she did come back we have no ways of communication. Decisions, decisions decisions, god this suck, what should I do?
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if your bored, and you can't seem to re-connect with a good group, then take a break...check back in later..and if it is still the same way...dead...then i would say it is time to just exit...

Stay, BIG TIME stay! You were the one who helped me find my way. You helped me to the therian community, which has helped me a lot with shifting. If you didnt help me over a year ago, I would be lost and unsure of everything. Now, because you helped me Akhai Im close to my goal and Ive made a lot of awesome friends like you. So like I said stay. But dont spend all your time here, live your life too. :)

id say be neutral. Don't spend all your time here, be free be outside have fun and live life. but come back every now and agian to check up on things.

hey son how are you its been a long time sins we last talkt

Yeah i have been trying to talk to you but you never respond, or you are never on anymore

yeah im sorry son got busy with my brothers kid il make more time for you im sorry that i wasnt online more

its ok, alot has changed since you been away, some good & some not so good

Aha akhai, whos the souldmate?

I'm always online and will be your friend

You better not freaking leave Akhai. Btw, I need to talk to u about something

If she have been away here for such a long time, even or specially if she is your soulmate, then she had her reasons!? Sometimes we have to respect something or someone, even we do not understand ist.
Good luck for you!

Yeah akhai you where one of the first people I have ever known, and your pack was the first i was ever in, so lots of people will be sad if you go

-HUGS- Don't go you were my family when me and shadow broke up you were there when i needed someone... you cant go for me and for the pack...

jaz, dont go man ye were one of the first people i met on here and damn i respect you

Akhai...When you say that no one talks to you on here thats not true i love talking to you when ever i can. I mean if you leave and the site is down then how will we talk how will the pack talk i mean dont leave plz...i need you on here i need you to be here when i'm feeling own or when someone else is you need to stay as my alpha as the pack alpha i just think you cant leave
cause not only are you the alpha of a pack you'r my Brother and i love you...i really dont think i can say any more on if you should stay if you leave your still my big bro and my alpha

you know were on two sides of a coin.. and still I give ye a good pointer there. you cant help others. everyone is in his own paradise/hell of his own devising. you can give hints, but in the end, were all doomed to be ourselves, and act like ourselves real ego. and sincerely.. I wouldnt want it any other for you, Id say do as you feel best. mean you can take off a half year if youre not seeing sense in here, and it wont cause harm anyway. personally the site here (I still like it) didnst serve the purpose I had for it. no hits, no useful answers. so... be free and act on your own instinct. at least that you should have?

Take time off.....just put the account on vacation for a bit, then return, and see what you think....if when you return you still feel that EP is not for you, than absolutely.....kiss EP.....good bye.

Stay. You're a wolf, and my brother. And my family NEVER gives up. EVER.