A Teery Memoir For a Fallen Hero

Thus begins, the beginning of the story that is the end.

I've been mulling over exactly what to say here for days now. I knew that it was coming, and at first I tried not to think about it. Once my decision was final, I laid awake all night just thinking of what to say here.

Could I impart some final words of wisdom? Should I just simply say goodbye to my dear friends? Maybe I could tell yet another story of sadness and woe? I think what I've managed to come up with... will be a combination of these things.

EP is the most special place I've ever managed to find on the internet. When it comes to social networking, EP definitely takes the cake. Here, you find people and make connections on a level that is a far cry from superficial. I think EP does this too well sometimes. I've seen relationships come and go here... and I too found someone extremely special. Unfortunately, as with the end of things... you can't exactly live in the same house, so to speak. So, I am the one who will be packing my bags and moving on.

Furthermore, not only due to the end of things with a very, very special person... EP has become a place of sadness for me. Removing someone from your circle, or even blocking them... isn't good enough. Paths cross, and that would be an unbearable pain. Even if I moved into the guest bedroom, I'd still have to endure the virtual headboard banging the wall of our virtual shared space. ... If that makes any sense at all. That is what this place has come to be for me. A sickening thump thump thump.

This is not a sad thing though... as with the end of all things, this too is a new beginning. There is a freedom to be had with shaking off the dust of pain and moving forward with only a bright future in sight. I am not entirely sad, my feelings are mingled with a bit of hope. The ever present hope in my life, that tells me "It's all gonna be ok." 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my friends. All of you, have been wonderful... and all of you have helped me more than you could possibly know. In my times of turmoil, I was never alone... thank you, to all of you.

So, here it is, and with this story "A Teery Memoir For a Fallen Hero" the saga has come full circle... the beginning is now the end. As with any circle though, the end is also the beginning.

It is now Tuesday morning, my account will be here until Thursday evening.

Life is a journey of self discovery. Move forward with love in your heart, and do not fear the unknown! 


Sarah aka katy0shae

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I, too, am saddened by this unexpected news this morning. I will miss you terribly, as you have always been a very good friend to me. I will miss your stories and your sense of humor. I respect your decision and I wish you nothing but the best in the future. - Gary

Scooby said it best...<br />
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And give Katy a big hug from her fans.

I am sad. Sad for me. Sad for Ep. Mostly for me though. You will take a piece of my heart with you when you go. I gladly give you that. Good luck and happy journeys my friend. <br />
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Rock On my awesome friend.