Bye Everyone

I just deleted my account, so in 48 hours I won't have an EP anymore. Its been fun and I made a great friend along the way, you know who you are lol. And though I will keep that friendship there is nothing else left for me on EP. It has helped me get rid of some of my shyness and I appreciate it but I am just through with it. I don't write stories anymore; I used to accept nearly everyones friend requests but now I hardly accept any. I just have too much **** going on in my life to keep up with EP anymore. So for everyone I talked to, sorry to go, but i'm leaving my stories up at least. Bye everyone, hope everything works out for yall

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Goodbye naughty and nice! It was good chatting with you the few times we did chat! Good luck in everything you do! Take care! Xoxo Foxx

no don't go.