Nothing more to elaborate than the title itself, just wanted to inform, dont know when or if I will return, take care people.

Floydian Floydian
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Good to be back here too LV after all i could not leave my nemesis alone for a long time! ;)

Aw!<br />
<br />
so I guess my wish came true!<br />
<br />
You did come back soon,<br />
<br />
So good to have you back<br />

heheheh another victim...I left like 2 months ago..now I am already back... :)

That's so sad, I hope you come back soon,

Hehehehe i am going to make a kickass comment...yay!!<br />
<br />
Ewww you seem to have an astronaut fetish! :P<br />
<br />
<br />
And my love what you just said contradicts itself, you said everyone tells you you look good in the astronaut suit and then you say you only wear them in front of the webcam! :P

Well, I must admit, I look quite sexy-like in that astronaut suit. :D Everyone tells me so.<br />
x] The only time I really wear dresses anyways is in my room when I'm using the webcam. So, you'd be lucky to even see me in that.

Haha and why would you be wearing a astronaut suit?! And dude havent you learned i wont get the spycam for seeing you *in* dresses! ;P

Well, I have an astronaut suit too! If you had actually used that spycam of yours, you would have seen me get dressed in it the other day. :P Haha

What makes you think i am foolish enough to not get myself vaccinated, and not come in that astronauts suit fully protected? :P

>( If you gave me a disease, I would give it to you right back!

Hehe see that proves i dint just add up the number...i really remembered it! =D =D

Yup, I actually looked, its 44 days :-D

hmmm ok lets see something you can get out of...i know i will set your *** on fire in the middle of the desert! Go find water! Sheesh wait sand works as extinguisher too! Maybe i will give you a chronic disease that makes you suffer for months altogether! :P<br />
<br />
hehe i know yours is may25 right?<br />
<br />
Hey redlady, i left and am back already! :)

it will be a terrible loss for you to leave Floydian. I hope you do return if you go.

Yes I is older than you :-D I be 21 in 47 days!

:O You wouldn't crush me! How would I be able to get out of you crushing me? That sounds awfully painful. x]

Well see how you do against the big bulldozer i come with to crush you! :P

=) I wouldn't need to be halfway around the world, floyd! I'm not scared of you. *punches the air* I may not know how to fight, but I can try. Hehehe, that was really pitiful punching, really. :P

Hehe! I am ok..like i always am lol. I am 19! My birthday is 7th feb. And i am younger that you! =D

How are you doing? How old are you? WHen is ur b-day? Are you older or younger than me! I needs to Know this SH*T!!!!

Hehe well just pulled you back into reality liz! =D<br />
<br />
Hehe dude if you were to ever do that first i would not walk for a day or two maybe but when i do start walking make sure you are halfway around the earth by that time or else redemption would be on the cards! :P

Don't worry, floyd. :) I would never do that to you. *huggles* haha, since I can't fight, that's the only thing I know how to do though. :P

Woah, dude, I thought this was March! OMG!

Hehe liz dear, i left and am back now! guess people really dint notice...this was a month back and i was not on here for a month! :) I hope you are good! *hugs*

NOPE! You are Not Allowed too! As your Big sis *i think im older than you* I said NO! *Crosses arms and pouts*

Ow dude that can really hurt you know!!!! I know i will never ever try to imply my tall-ness again! :|

*punch* Mountains don't have a "twig and berries", if you know what I'm saying. :P hehe

Hehe I am an awesome manipulator, people always step into my whims! :P Haha you beat me up? It would be like a kid standing in front of a mountain trying to cause harm! :P

Haha, floyd, you're so manipulative! x) I should beat you up for that!

See it worked! you are admitting to all of it by yourself now! :P

Hahaha, niiice, floyd. Spying on a girl when she's getting undressed is the right thing to do. :P

Hehe yes always good to have support! =D<br />
<br />
All my imagination takes me to is that I need a spycam! :P

(: Yeah, if she had not been there, I'm not so sure if I would have decided to go over there.<br />
Haha, all you need to know is that my comp and webcam are in my bedroom, so you can only use your imagination to guess. :P

You send me a pm and i will show you how i did it floyd.

Hehe its exiting to move as well as scary! But since you have sister there i am pretty sure you will feel more comfortable! ooh ohh i wonder what all you indulge in on webcams! ;P

I'm pretty sure it will get better. :D I'm so excited! <br />
And, we don't get to meet until later, which is sad, but this is why there are webcams. :P Hehe.

Hehe and you know what I am involved in both of them right now! :P<br />
<br />
Well body and mind are kind of different i think it hard to keep so much focus in life, if you can do it you are awesome for that I am still in process of learning!<br />
<br />
Man i am not out of here i am back on here.. =D<br />
<br />
I see :) Dont really remember lol as it was so long back!<br />
<br />
Aw *hugs* I am sure things will get better once you move out! Hmm do you guys even get to meet?

Yupp, you told me about it a couple days before you stopped coming on. :) So, yeah, I knew about it.<br />
<br />
Oh, just personal family drama. They all suck the life out of me, I can never do enough for them. I give them money, I watch their kids, I work, I go to school, I only have so much time, and none of it is for myself. *shrugs* I want a very long hiatus away from it all, just to focus on myself. And he's in Connecticut. Right on the coast. *pouts*

who will I give the treats too now?

I surely doubt it is out of the bracket. The only things i don't know are science like and advanced maths. everything else is easy. <br />
<br />
Well i have 20 years of practice. Like i said my body does this to survive.

You could have just checked a story you know! Its the first one on my list! :P oh so you know all about it...did i tell you?! Sorry i dont really remember! :( Unhappy?! wasup? Aw where's he located?

hehe you said you know most of the things so i am saying it lies out of that bracket!<br />
<br />
I dont know its just hard for me to not care about bigger perspectives though i am learning to modify that!

I did notice you weren't here for FOREVER! Everytime I got on, I looked to see if you had gotten on, but, nope, you never had. I figured it was because of your move and all. :)<br />
I'll be going to spscc for a year, plus the summer. I just want a change in my environment; to get away from what's making me so unhappy. And, to my dismay, I'll be moving farther away. we'll be at opposite coasts. He's on one coastline, and I'll be on the other. :(

What? <br />
<br />
and yeah that is how i work i focus on everything around me first. It is a way of survival. When i have nothing going on i can think again.

Hehe it lies in the small bracket of things you dont know, help narrow it down for you? :P<br />
<br />
Hmm idk in the whole day...nah i cant focus my brain on just one thing the whole day!<br />
<br />
dude you dint noptice i was not here for a month or so...Hmm which school? That really nice! So you moving closer to your guy or further away?

^_^ Kay, I was worried you left.<br />
And I have more opportunities to further myself in life over there. There's a school over there I really want to go to, and there's good jobs available. My sister is over there, so I won't be completely lonely. Ehh.

Well i doubt it would.. I know everything after all. Most things aren't complicated at all. <br />
<br />
Yup that is what i am saying i focus my brain on one thing at a time.

I think i will be on here, like i said i went...came back! Why you moving to washington?

Well, I'll be moving to Washington in a month, and I won't know anyone there, and I bet I'll be on EP a lot afterwards, and now I find out you won't be on much anymore. *supersadface*

Lol ally, just how are you? I went...then came back...and now you make a sad face?! :P<br />
<br />
Because watching drama without giving inputs is good but if i talk to you i would naturally want you to give inputs which would get messy! <br />
<br />
So are you saying that when you are busy you dont think about stuff at all or what?

And why is that? People pay for drama all the time. Ever turn on the TV? I don't really care though it doesn't bother me. <br />
<br />
Well for me it has to slow down. If it doesn't then i just don't think about it.


Dude believe me you dont want to hear all that! lol<br />
<br />
Ya that happens, even if it does not slow down at some point you just feel blank, that absence of friends you once had...

Well that flares up my curiosity, but it isn't any of my business. Still keeping busy keeps you away. Until life slows down.

The reasons are pretty complex, and better not speak about them, would just spark a controversy. But all the moving etc kept me from coming back!

So then what took you away?

Ya that happens, and friends are anyways more important that stupid emotions :) Its pretty much been the same, i came back, mostly i am communicating with my friends and thats all...

Those days things start to slow down, and you feel hey i haven't talk to these once great friends then emotions start to go. They always come back.

I guess it is...its just that sometimes you feel so strongly about something that you act impulsively. Ep's addiction has pretty much worn off but you know got to keep coming here for friends. Well we are getting to know...bit by bit :)

Well i never saw this story till you was long gone, but i wasn't worried about you. I mean we don't greatly know each other, but i knew at least you was going to be back. It is all part of human behavior.

lol maybe i knew i was coming back too, just that at the very moment i posted this i never wanted to come back here...

Damn who would of thought... Naw i knew you was off, but i also knew you would be back. Looks like i am right once again.

Ya man was off from here for a month or so i guess

Well things always get better :) Hopefully i can manage to do so :)

you left?

I am doing better than I was..... Things in my life have changed and I do believe it is all for the better... Glad that you are back on EP now.... Have you hang around as long as you can...

Ya i am back, this was like a month back! How are you doing man?

Well floydian if you are back I welcome you back bro... Good to see you.... Got your spot reserved...

Three types of tomatos, squash, zuccini, cabbage, radishes, spring onions, blueberries, blackberries,<br />
potatos, maybe snow peas and green beans....i think there are a few more but it will depend on climate attrbutes

Veggie garden? What you pkanning to plant in there?<br />
<br />
Well it was ok i was pretty busy with stuff too, i was moving and all...

I've been super busy with my work and trying to expand out berry section and preping for the veggie garden......all is well but as usual I get little time to rest.<br />
Hope you enjoyed your time away..... how are things with you?

Thanks man, how have you been?

Welcome back my friend

Sorry for leaving so abruptly, there were reasons, which dont hold any more importance now, for the most part i hope i am back. Thank you all for your lovely comments, missed you guys too. :)

Well aside from crying I feel like I no longer need EP now :-(

I hope all is well. Good luck and Gods bless.

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />

OMG who am I going to practice Cougaring on now? LOL I know you better stay.

I hate to hear this Floydian and hope you will contact your friends when possible. You have been an inspiration to me and are a wonderful friend, what am I gonna do without you :(?

hey... i just got back... and now, you're leaving EP? :(<br />
<br />
whatever your reasons are for leaving EP, i just really hope that you'll come back soon. you are one of my few special friends. you guys are the reason why i came back... you take care, floydian!<br />
<br />
we'll be waiting for your return!