Leaving And Letting Go, To Finally Love Again.

I have lost a lifetime to my lonely marriage,and so as I go forward,I am determined to face what is left of my life with optimism, and faith, a warm heart and a smile. I firmly believe that being bitter and angry, simply looses more of what is good in life. No one really enjoys being around an angry bitter person. I don't want to be with an angry, bitter person. I want love and laughter to fill my senses, as well as my life. And so half of that love and light, is my burden to create and share,and so that is what i am determined to do.

People that know me, know that i pray a lot,and since I believe God is light and love.He can't help but illuminate my life and soul. That divine light can't help but spread beyond me to my heart and home, and so love creates a circle. What love and light you share comes back to you. The same goes for bitterness. Cover yourself in bitterness,and it will enshroud you, and you will live in a dark lonely hole. And so,to allow love and light into your life means letting go of the hurt. the hate, the anger, the bitterness.Another way of looking at this is by letting go, your hands are free to grasp another heart,..and perhaps this time around the owner of that heart, is also open to being filled with love and light for you....

Smile at some one...and damn...they smile back...
glare at some one...well...son of a gun..they glare back....
so ....be smart....share a smile....and maybe you will be soon sharing your heart.
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I made a blessing..it is a circle to represent the circle of light life and love..to remind me, to assist me and bless me..and it has helped tremendously..and so I posted a photo of one that i made..i made one for every room to help fill the home with optimism and hope..and i feel much better..They are all different..different stones and colors..but all cheerful..and near windows to absorb and promote light and keep negativity at bay. perhaps my sharing my idea will help someone else..

Godspeed Neuilly. Xx

all will be rewarded in the comming year -keep smiling -i do everyday and my life turned around -yours will also in time

i believe you.....thank you.

you are welcome and have a great holiday season and new year

Thank you...

I wish you Happiness and may you find Joy and Peace by moving forward, let 2012 be your year of freedom...S

A beautiful bitter sweet story. I admire you for the way you are empowering yourself to go forward without bitterness and be open to love and light. May you have many smiles returned, as you smile beautifully.