Left a Long Time Ago

 The Mormon Church is a patriarchal bunch of baloney.  My mother was so spirited and intelligent, but she gave her will to the mormon church, because that's how she was raised.  She had seven children.  My dad couldn't make a living because he has an asperger's-type personality, so we all lived in a boot, basically.  It was terrible.  We ate pork and beans, or cereal or peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.  My mom cried all of the time.  When my mother would go to the church leaders ("bishopric") they told her she was doing something wrong, and if she wanted her family to prosper she needed to pray more and have faith.  I would never subject another human being to such misery.  The mormons are a sick patriarchy who enslave women to ensure their numbers by telling them god wants them to have as many babies as possible, regardless of the ability to support them.  I was raised in Utah, and moved back there for five years in my adulthood.  I was a single mother.  I was treated like I was a loose woman out to steal husbands.  I was harassed constantly at work by married mormon men.  It was the strangest thing.  At the time I thought it was normal.  Twenty-five years later, I realize it was nuts.

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As far as I am concerned, and ba<x>sed on my own personal experiences and observations, Mormons are Morons for believing in the lies and carefully presented, and even altered, half truths that the Elders have created to keep control over the slaves that they call members.<br />
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The church as a whole present itself as being all about good and sacrifice, yet there are clear definitions of who within the church benefits from the work of the masses. Woman are used and abused, brainwashed into believing that they were meant to be nothing more than a wife and mother. In turn this leads them to have girls who are born into slavery and servitude.<br />
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To escape the clutches of the Church is the greatest gift any current member can receive, opening to them the true beauty and possibilities of the universe to them.

man dude, if you wanna know what a mormon G*d damned is, a mormon is a rebel to the devil.<br />
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A mormon is a man who knows the conspiracy of anti-depressants. A mormon is a man that doesn't assume all the people in a religion are retarded. <br />
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A mormon is going to be saving this G*damned planet for you b*tches. <br />
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Yeah, I agree, treating women as cattle and such, ain't so great. But the mormons don't do this, only a very few that aren't a part of the church today, but practice their own crap. <br />
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But even so, I don't always agree with everything the mormons do. They try to be good, I am with God in my own ways. I don't need to stay ridiculously clean or go to church in order to be "right" or even in order to be a mormon.

I just mailed in my resignation letter today. I'm really excited.

Fact: A high percentage of mormon women are on anti-depressants because of the life style that they are expected to live up to.

Best wishes with your new life... It's sad how many women are caught up in that cult and like you said, they stay because of their devoutness.

I don't agree that they treat women poorly, but were all entitled to our own opinions. I do diagree with their polygamist history, and dislike the fundamentalist lds church for continuing it's polygamist practice.

So glad you got out. I do feel they treat women very poorly and that it is basically a SEX-Cult<br />
geared for the lusts of men. Don't forget that they condoned polygamy for many years too and that some still practice it.

I am sorry for your disappointing experience contrast. I am LDS and though I did fall away for a while, that fall only prooved to me what the truth is. I saw the dark side of this world, the dark side of humans, the devil in us all. I let him come out, and it wasn't good. But I learned the truth the hard way, and am continually repenting for my sins. I know the church is true. Though it is filled with people, who aren't perfect. Heck some are downright nasty as well. But the Gospel the church teaches is nonetheless true. <br />
As for IMACD; we don't believe we get a planet when we die. We don't believe we get a planet full of virgins to have eternal sex. Maybe your confusing Islam's 72 virgins, a lot of misconceptions about mormons. <br />
That just plain don't make sense. If your going to attack you gotta use proper english to get your point across. That poor women? And her spirit babies don't get back to earth. Our physical bodies are filled with a spiritual body that we recieved in the pre-mortal life. When we die and are judged, those in heaven recieve a perfect physical body to jump into. There are no more spirit people, no spirit children. Just perfect beings in the presence of a perfect God. Perfectly happy, unlike someone I know. And the 10% tithe is a symbol of our duty to God. That 10% is used to build our churches and temples, but mostly goes to the goodwill around the world. Disaster work, African help, the such. But moreover it is not required for membership. But the lord will bless you for your faith and sacrifice for his work. Well, not you, unfortunately.

Wow...glad you got out!!!!!!!!!!

How'd you get out?