The Hanged Man

Do you know this card? He hangs by a foot, helpless to change his circumstances...

No, we are not all helpless. For now, I am caught up in a vortex of domestic dilemmae, guarded by the twin demons Doubt and Deceit. Unable even to talk about this, it isolates me from the few friends I still have, and prevents me from having my family visit.

I just need an outlet, and some input, to help exorcise these demons and bring light into our dark household. Until then, my family ought not to know that I am talking about our situation to others; some would feel embarrassed or betrayed (ridiculous as my concern for that seems--if you only knew...). If my friends or family heard of my real situation, they would urge me to leave; I cannot abandon my wife at this point (for yet more complicated reasons).

I know things are about to change, for better or worse, but I most need to write it out, communicate with the outside world. The stories I read here have also helped, and i thank you all for them. "It seems I'm not alone in being alone" (ty Police).

Semi-anonymity provides me the comfort zone to relate my harshest truths, so forgive me if I do not disclose my precise location, full or real name, or other easily searchable data. I know, Capt. Piccard, "A lie of omission is still a lie!" But it sets a greater truth free.

Lao Tsu said, "Say nothing, and Nothing is left unsaid"
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

The hanged man is far from helpless. His upside down suspension is read by many to signify a 'fresh perspective,' so to speak. One leg is often bent to form a cross, he is a man of spiritual significance and often seen as 'down to earth,'...since his head is pointing that way. Yes, the hanged man is trapped, but often when we are detained or limited in some way, can we tap into a higher sense of our true selves with a new clarity.

Hm. Still relevant to you : )