Things I Need to Let Out.

I don't tell him how much I love him

I don't tell him that I am scared of being a mom

I don't tell him how scared that I wont be a mom and I will lose her.

I don't tell him I am scared you will leave me alone to raise her alone and I will fail

I don't say how much it hurt when he said he wanted to leave

I don't say how much I want to say no but couldn't when he asked me to take him back

I don't tell himhow much wieght I have been losing becuase of how streesed he leaves me

I don't tell him the doctor says that it could cause me to lose our daughter if I don't stop streesing out

I don't say anything to the doctor or him about how I spot sometimes

I didn't say how much it hurt after he left to "find himself" everytime she would kick me and I thought of him

I won't tell him how much I cry

bellasmomma bellasmomma
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2009