I see the world not as it is, but as I am. But, I also choose what I see. Outside reflects inside, but it also works the other way around. The more negativity you choose to see, the more time you are spending with negativity, the less time spent with positivity. What do you think the result might be?

So I choose to see what I see here. I chose to help people in need. I chose to see their suffering, because I was also suffering. I still am, but no need to enhance it here.

JoannaBe told me via Om2013 that meditation is about rejecting other thoughts. I reject negativity. Starting right now. Another guy, bioFrances, took me through it. Shake the tree, the problems fall out. Caress the tree, the problems stay on the branches.

So, a new start on a bright sunny day. How fitting :)

Rejection. Something I've always feared people doing to me (which is probably the reason most do just that) - and so no surprise I've feared to reject negativity too.

Times change. All it took was a blast from bioFrances out of the blue, unexpected and unasked for. And an email from my Mrs on the other side of the globe. She forced me to reply, to finish something to her. I've been trying to write to her and explain how I'm feeling but it's too hard. Because I wasn't feeling. I was numb this week, not really sleeping. When she wrote me, I had to reply. She doesn't have much internet access, so what snippets we get we take advantage of. That forced me to step outside, see what would happen if I wrote her all that crap. Bad bad bad. So I realised it's not all crap after all. Challenges, yes. But not all crap.

Hope that helps some of you out there gain some perspective, too. :)

cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
31-35, M
Nov 14, 2014