I Love Lebanon

i am Lebanese and so proud.But the people is the reason why we are still consider as a third world country.Don't get me wrong i love my fellow citizen and i know we are a very educated well raised people it is just our religion that is forcing us to have these unnecessary conflicts and believe me when i say that in this way we are destroying our beloved country.I am christian and unfortunately i don't have many Muslim friends because i was raised in a catholic school but we did actually study their religion in our history class and what i found out that our religion is very similar to theirs so why can't we get along?didn't we Muslim and christian stand side by side and fought against the french mandate in order to free our president and our prime minister and therefore achieving our independence?we put our differences aside and that is why we celebrate November twenty first each year.So united we stand for the sake of our beloved country who will rise to prosperity and glory and may god bless its people and enlighten the brain of its politicians
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I totally agree with you, Religion is a big big problem affection the rise of Lebanon.