Lebanon :)

i'm only half lebanese, but i know more about my lebanese side more than anything.
i would love to move to lebanon and live there if it wasnt for the current situation there.
i went there last year to visit family, and got stuck in between the israel-lebanon war,
it was the worst experience ever.  but i got to admit i love the country and the people :)
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I was there during the war too...<br />
Evacuating was pretty traumatic...the bombs at 3 am and cutting off the electricity and water. I love lebanon though...<br />
<br />
I went the next summer

Heyy Marhaba,<br />
I'm Lebanese too but born Canadian, but still Lebanese. I was in the same situation as you. I was suppose to stay for 3 months last summer for vacation, but the third day I was there the war began. It really sucked because I didn't really get to do anything or have fun. Overall atleast I seen my country and family. Inshallah hopefully we go again next summer and everything is going to be okay. <br />
Bye :)