Still Uncommon

I don't remember I had troubles being left-handed, and no one ever made it a problem.
Some kids were curious, like: 'how do you write/throw a ball/use your knife and fork' well, I didn't mind.
I always felt somewhat special in a positive way.

But I do rember a strange thing. I was on a Steiner school and I think our teachter was just experimenting
with us left-handes kids (there were three of us) and she put a chestnut in my left hand and told me to hold it tight
like it was a treasure. So I was forced to write wirh my right hand. of course it didn't work out very well and after that
she didn't explain anything and we could use our left hands again...

It was a bit childish and old-fashioned in a way, to think that being left-handed is a bad thing or so. I'm still wondering what
our teacher was thinking.

fabulous73 fabulous73
26-30, F
Jul 16, 2010