Yep Me Too.

When I was 5 I was unhappy at school but my parents didn't know why until they went to a parents day and discovered that the teacher would not let me write with my left hand.
The writing was awful like a spider, with only 7 legs. It has not improved much unless I write using an italic pen. Then I have to write slowly and concentrate. It's not much better now and I'm 53. LOL
But as an aircraft electrician a lot electrical connections are mirrored on the port and starboard side. One one side you can only get your right hand in and on the other the left. I was very handy as I had the hand strength to disconnect these lefty ones. LOL. Now cit does not matter which side of the bed that I get in.
Enjoy. f2w
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Celtic and Wicked... as a south paw, I have a plaque that says: Everyone was born right handed. Only the best overcome it! ;D hehehehee