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I don't mind being left handed even though for school the desk where very uncomfortable, and a few things like that. My mom hates it absolute hates it. She would tell me that I have to be right handed and that I am meant to be right handed and to stop writing with my left I have tried to write and be right handed growing up but it just never worked out for me. I don't mind being left handed I don't think its much of a big deal like she makes it out to be. Sometimes when I write or sign something and shes around she will make little comments of how bad I write because I write with my left, its kind of annoying so I try not to write around her if I can help it.
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When I was a little girl, and learning to feed myself, Grandma was teaching me. Whenever I used my left hand, Grandma slapped it, then put the spoon in my right hand. I would take one spoonful to oblige her, then transfer it back to my left again.Finally, Mom caught on what was happening and took over. She told Grandma, "Well, I guess she'll be left-handed." Grandma protested, "We don't HAVE any left-handers!"

Mom replied, "Well, I guess she'll be the first one."

If it wasn't for my mom, I might have been the way you describe. But I am left-handed and proud of it. I am sorry your mother can't accept that. Don't listen to the two-bit comments,
You know you are who you are, and that's what counts. Just like me.