Green Scissors

Hopefully, many of you will be familiar with this. I remember way back in elementary school there was always a box with tangled kiddie scissors. There were two different kinds of scissors, separated only by the color of the rubber around the handles. Red is for the right-handed. Green is for the left-handed. Obviously, the red scissors outnumber the green ones.

As a left-hander, this concept amuses and irks me. From K-5, I was, at least, the only one left-handed. Plus, there would be just a few or no green scissors in the box. Every time, I have to rummage and dig deep in the box to find those darn green scissors. It's like a ridiculous form of discrimination. I learned to use the red ones right-handed regularly. It's no good using them on my left since this somehow screws up paper cutting.

Now, I am like everybody who uses the normal, right-handed scissors. I understand there are left-handed scissors, but why go through the trouble when I've spent years.
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I have the talent and an eye for art. So glad I am :)

That's a very interesting insight....<br />
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They say left handed people are much more artistic...although, I don't believe that's always true. My best friend is a lefty, and is a horrific artist:P lol. Although, my sister-n-law is a lefty and she is phenomenal! I guess this is another one of those stereotypical assumptions, huh? So, how about you? Artsy or no?

I've never heard or seen left-handed desks. I think you're talking about the desks with the metal bar on the right side that connects the table to the chair with the little bookshelf underneath. I've used them. My left arm has nothing to rest on, but those righties do.

I don't recall those scissors, but yea, I just adapted to the normal ones. What I hated were the high school desks that were made for lefties. Teachers would always be like "Oh you are left-handed, you can sit at that desk" but because I would only get that chance like 1 out of 6 classes, it never worked, it was weird.