Is It Because I'm Left Handed?

I found out that i confused with numbers, i also very stupid at math.
syahruldanial syahruldanial
22-25, M
5 Responses May 20, 2012

I'm left-handed and I'm great at math. It just depends on how good of a learner you are.

I'm left handed too which means we're right brained. It basically means the right part of our brain is our strongest. The right side of the brain is where art, music, and creative things occur. The left side of the brain is where math and numbers occur. You're normal. I'm the same way. Some left handed people are good at math, but others are not. It's very complicated

Same here I love art but completely useless with numbers... hi-five :)

yeah,most left handed people love and good in art. :)

is it for sure? i believe most men are really doing good in math. :)

hmm...maybe, but not me, I hate numbers and love creative thinking and art :)