I'm Left Handed But

But no one else in my entire family is. I can use my right but perfer left for most. I dont understand I thought being left handed or right, is passed down?
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I'm also the only left handed person in the house

I am the only left hander in my family too! But my grandmother is a left hander too,probably got the gene from her.However i was changed to a righty since one yr-old so i didnt have any recollection about me being lefty till now.My father thought a lefty is useless--. say it is a disadvantage as everything in this world is designed for righties and changed me.I felt it was unfair and have been trying to train to become a lefty again! But i could not grasp the way of holding pens....can anyone tell me?I could use it for awhile but i forgot how to grasp it with my left again!!>

i am left handed to i do not think it is past down its how your brain is wired different mcmutt6@gmail.com

I don't think there have been enough studies about being left-handed. I do almost everything left-handed. I usually think of my right hand and arm as just making me appear to be normal.