so, as a lefty, i feel its both a curse and a blessing... its not a big deal, and im proud of being left handed, because its not something that every else is. but its also really annoying when youre sitting at home, trying to do your latin project and u cant cut out a piece of cardboard because the pair of scissors is backwards. or when you're sitting in gym, trying to play lacrosse with everyone else in your class, who are all right handed. however, left handed people are usually more artistic and are thought to be smarter... this is because the left side of your body is controlled by the right half of your brain...so everytime you use ur left hand, you're switching from your left brain to your right brain... since your right brain is the creative artsy one, left handed people are usually better at arts [etc] because they are used to using their right brains. but, left handed people also die sooner and are more prone to depression and drug/alcohol addiction... ...and thats all i have to say. ......oh, i was just wondering, but, since im left handed, i write backwards check marks [the small end is on the right, and the long one goes out to the left], does anyone else do that?
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I hope not to die too early because I'm naturally left handed,like you. I want to make some kind of mark in the world before they shovel dirt on me.

So let's you and I use those scissors upside down (sometimes they work in your left hand that way), take a deep breath and work on beating those statistics, eh?

No I don't do that with check marks, with either hand.

Lefties are sometimes handicapped in a right-handed world. We're not stubborn just different. It was when I was born in 1955 but not so much today.

I'm left handed but play football with my right foot and darts with my right hand, and until recently didn't realise that I paint ( decorate ) with my left hand and also stir the cooking with my left hand. Both of these fell so wrong when I try and use my right hand. The same when playing football or darts. I also play the guitar left handed and have tried golf but find it easier to use my right hand to play golf. Can anyone explain this.

im a lefty but im the only 1 in my family thAT can write with my left hand

Cheshirecat, you are young and have lived in a world where u probably can't imagine that it could be a big deal, using your left hand. I am very happy about this but when you say "...not a big deal..." just know at one time u would have worried about much more than your checkmarks. I am glad for you.

Depression? Shorter-life span? Meh, statistical jibberish of averages and such if you ask me. Though I will probably have both and am a leftie.<br />
I don't remember it, but apparently my dad tried to force me to grow up right-handed when it was found that I was a southpaw. I do write horrendously too! <br />
<br />
BTW: there might be newer medical sources to contradict or update this, but typically a left-handed person doesn't strictly use the "other" side of their brain (as in mirroring the brain scans of a typical right-handed person), they actually tend to have the locations of all their "centers" scattered around and all jumbly-like in their noggin, the centers form as they are needed during developement in whatever the next available space is located. <br />
What that means...who knows??? I guess if you get labotomized it'd be a pick-and-choose type way of chaotically losing things instead of a "by the book" righty *shrug*?

thanks for sharing. its a great story!

I remember my teacher making me turn my paper to the right when I was writing. Ive heard that lefty's have poor penmanship, or curve their hand in when writing. I dont at all. Im not sure if its because of my teacher or not but Ive ben complimented on my penmanship numerous times. As for artistic..yes, very. Also very musical. I was a very established singer at a very young age. As for depression, yes I do, but I dont really think being left handed increases that. I think they're are many other factors as well. Wow, I just re-read my post and I sound very conceided! lol! Im not I swear! haha.

THANK YOU! A kindred spirit! Me too - all of that.

Now listen here cheshirecat, I am lefthanded, )and righthanded too,) and I can tell you that all lefthanded people are geniuses, that is my story and I am sticking to it!!<br />
<br />
As for dying young, no way! I had a leftie aunt who lived to 92, I know a leftie man who is 89, both in good health, I will be 74 nect month and am still going strong. When using my left hand for writing I cannot imagine writing backwards, and as for depressison and alcohol and drugs, I do not agree there.

Yep, I make backwards check marks too! I didn't even realize they were backwards until High school when someone finally pointed it out to me.

yay for lefties! i'm not one, but i still think they're awesome! :)

My son is left handed and his checkmarks and not exceptional. I was glad when I learned he was left handed. There's supposed to be a greater percentage of lefties in the architectural field than in the general population. I thought it would make him more interesting and smarter. I love smart people. Now, he's majoring in math and is very smart. I hope he's not depressed. Now I'm worried.

Don't...my mom didn't and I turned out just fine. Whatever floats his boat...go for it!

*cheers for lefthandedness* lol