We Have to Be More Clever Just to Survive . . .

In this right handed world.  There are many famous left handed people.  Will have to find that place I found them and post them here. 

My Mother was the only child of nine who was a lefty, I am and so is my daughter.  One thing that does scare me is a right handed skill saw - I won't try one. 

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4 Responses Jun 16, 2007

im a lefty too, and i dispise people who force children into changing to the right, its pointless and it causes children to have learning disabilities and restricts there creative side.

I'm left handed and people comment on how I hold the notebook when I'm writing. It's nearly upside down, and everybody thinks its something I do on purpose.

Right on! My mother was the only left handed child of nine in her family. I'm a lefty and so is my daughter and I think my son would have been if they hadn't made him right handed.

I am ambidextrous, but I use my left hand for writing. When people comment on me being left handed I say that all genius are left handed, and that is my story and I am sticking to it!!